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Fits Files

Pilot data—LAMOST 1D FITS files named as ‘spec-MMMMM-YYYYspXX-fff.fit, where MMMMM is the mjd, YYYY is the plan id, XX is the spectrograph id number, and fff is the fiber id number. LAMOST 1D FITS files are relatively flux calibrated, wavelength calibrated, sky-subtracted spectra, with error and mask arrays, and with information from the 1D pipeline such as redshift and identification. For a single object, each LAMOST 1D FITS file includes the classification and redshift determination, as well as the spectrum, summing over all of its exposures through a given mapped plate. Each file contains the following HDUs: Primary HDU image: spectrum, inverse variance (1/σ2) for the flux, continuum-subtracted spectrum, and-mask, or-mask. In details, The spectra are binned log-linear, and given in vacuum wavelengths in the heliocentric frame, with flux density given in relative unit. The first row is the spectrum, the second row is the inverse variance in the spectrum (standard deviation, in the same units as the spectrum), the third row is the continuum subtracted spectrum, the forth row is the and mask array (all of its exposures are bad pixel), the fifth is the or mask array (at least one of its exposures is bad pixel). HDU1 records 1D result.