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Working Groups and Key Projects

There are three working groups: LAMOST Extra GAlactic Surveys (LEGAS) working group, LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Exploration (LEGUE) working group and test working group (TWG).

LEGAS—With the LAMOST, the group will be able to complete, in a reasonable time frame (say, 5 years), surveys of galaxies and quasars which exceed existing surveys by a factor of 5∼10 in the number of objects and in the volume probed. With the data obtained in these surveys, it is expected to make breakthroughs by solving a number of key scientific questions.

LEGUE—with the data representing a huge number of stars from the LAMOST spectroscopic survey, LEGUE working group is plan to study the structure of the Galactic halo (both the smooth component of the spheroid and the lumpy sub-structures) and disk components (including the star-forming regions and open clusters(OCs)). The revealed structure will improve models in terms of better understanding star formation, the formation history of the Galaxy, and the structure of the gravitational potential, including the central black hole and (sub)structure of dark matter component.

Test working group(TWG)—instrument performance test

The key projects are under review…