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1 Test observations that search for metal-poor stars with the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) Hai-Ning Li, Gang Zhao, Norbert Christlieb, et al. RAA 10 753 2010 LiHaiNing -RAA(2010).pdf(info)
2 A very bright (i = 16.44) quasar in the 'redshift desert' discovered by the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) Xue-Bing Wu, Zhao-Yu Chen, Zhen-Dong Jia, et al. RAA 10 737 2010 WuXueBing-RAA(2010).pdf(info)
3 New background quasars in the vicinity of the Andromeda Galaxy discovered with the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) Zhi-Ying Huo, xiao-Wei Liu, Hai-Bo Yuan, et al. RAA 10 612 2010 HuoZhi-Ying -RAA(2010).pdf(info)
4 Eight new quasars discovered by the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) in one extragalactic field Xue-Bing Wu,Z hen-Dong Jia, hao-Yu Chen, et al. RAA 10 745 2010 WuXueBing -RAA(2010)-1.pdf(info)
5 New planetary nebulae in the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy discovered with the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) Hai-Bo Yuan, Xiao-Wei Liu, Zhi-Ying Huo, et al. RAA 10 599 2010 Yuanhaibo-RAA(2010).pdf(info)
Spectrum Fitting Code for LAMOST ExtraGAlactic Surveys (LEGAS)  Kong, Xu; Su, Shanshan IAU  262  295  2010  Kongxu-IAUS(2009).pdf(info)
7 Kinematics and Stellar Population Properties of the Andromeda Galaxy by the Spectroscopic Observations of the Guoshoujing Telescope Hu Zou,Y an-Bin Yang, Tian-Meng Zhang, et al. RAA 11 1093 2011 Zouhu-RAA(2011).pdf(info)
8 Automatic determination of stellar atmospheric parameters and construction of stellar spectral templates of the Guoshoujing Telescope (LAMOST) Yue Wu, A-LiLuo, Hai-NingLi, et al. RAA 11 924 2011 Wuyue-RAA(2011).pdf(info)
9 The LEGUE disk targets for LAMOST's pilot survey Chen Li, Hou Jin-Liang, Yu Jin-Cheng, et al.  RAA  12  805  2012  Chenli-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
10 The site conditions of the Guo Shou Jing Telescope Yao Song, Liu Chao, Zhang Hao-Tong, et al.  RAA  7  772  2012  Yaosong-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
 11 The LEGUE high latitude bright survey design for the LAMOST pilot survey  Zhang Yue-Yang, Carlin Jeffrey L., Yang Fan,et al.  RAA  12  792  2012  Zhangyueyang-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
 12 The LEGUE input catalog for dark night observing in the LAMOST pilot survey  Yang Fan, Carlin Jeffrey L., Liu  Chao,et al.  RAA  12  781  2012  Yangfan-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
 13 LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Exploration (LEGUE) — The survey's science plan  Deng Li-Cai, Newberg Heidi Jo, Liu Chao, et al.  RAA  12  735  2012  Denglicai-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
 14 The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST)  Xiang-Qun Cui, Yong-Heng Zhao, Yao-Quan Chu, et al.  RAA  12  1197  2012  Cuixiangqun-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
 15 LAMOST spectral survey — An overview  Zhao Gang, ZhaoYong-Heng, Chu Yao-Quan, et al.  RAA  12  723  2012  Zhaogang-RAA(2012).pdf(info)


 Data release of the pilot survey  Luo A-Li, Zhang Hao-Tong, Zhao Yong-Heng, et al.  RAA  12  1243-1246  2012  Luoali-RAA(2012).pdf(info)


 An algorithm for preferential selection of spectroscopic targets in LEGUE Carlin Jeffrey, Lepine Sebastien, Newberg Heidi,  et al.  RAA  12  755-771  2012  Carlin-RAA(2012).pdf(info)
 18 The LAMOST Survey of Background Quasars in the Vicinity of the Andromeda and Triangulum Galaxies – II. Results from the Commissioning Observations and the Pilot Surveys Zhi-Ying Huo, Xiao-Wei Liu, Mao-Sheng Xiang, et al. AJ 145 159 2013 Huozhiying-AJ(2013).pdf(info)
 19 White dwarf - main sequence binaries identified from the LAMOST pilot survey JuanJuan Ren, ALi Luo, Peng Wei, et al. AJ  146  82  2013 Ren Juanjuan-AJ(2013).pdf(info)
20 Properties of abundance gradient along the Galactic disk and the role of LAMOST  J.L. Hou, L. Chen, J.C. Yu, J. Sellwood , et al. IAU  298  304  2013  Houjinliang-IAUS298(2014).pdf(info)
21 70 DA WHITE DWARFS IDENTIFIED IN LAMOST PILOT SURVEY J.K.Zhao, A.L.Luo, T.D.Oswalt, et al. AJ  145  169  2013 Zhaojingkun-AJ(2013).pdf(info)
 22 DA white dwarfs observed in the LAMOST pilot survey Yue-Yang Zhang, Li-Cai Deng, Chao Liu, et al. AJ  146  34  2013 ZhangYueYang-AJ(2013).pdf(info)
 23 Asymmetric substructure in bulk velocities of Milky Way disk stars Jeffrey L. Carlin, James Delaunay, Heidi Jo Newberg, et al. ApJL  777  L5  2013 Carlin-ApJL(2013).pdf(info)
 24 The disk targets for LAMOST pilot survey  Hou, J. L.; Zhong, J.; Chen, L. et al. IAU 105    292  2013 Houjingliang-IAUS(2013).pdf(info)
 25 Data mining for cataclysmic variables in the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope archive Jiang Bin, Luo Ali, Zhao Yongheng, et al.  MNRAS  430  986  2013 JiangBin-MNRAS(2013).pdf(info)
 26 ASERA: A Spectrum Eye Recognition Assistant for Quasar Spectra Hailong YUAN, Haotong ZHANG, Yanxia ZHANG et al.  Astronomy and Computing  3  65  2013 Yuanhailong-AstroComputing(2013).pdf(info)
 27 Hydrogen lines in LAMOST low-resolution spectra of RR Lyrae stars F.Yang, L.Deng, C.Liu, et al. New Astronomy  26  72  2014 YangFan-New Astronomy(2014).pdf(info)
 28 M dwarf catalog of LAMOST pilot survey Z. Yi, A Luo, Y. Song, et al.  AJ  147   33 2014 Yizhenping-AJ(2014).pdf(info)
 29 HST and LAMOST discover a dual active galactic nucleus in J0038+4128   Y. Huang, X. Liu, H. Yuan, et al.  MNRAS  439  2927  2014  Huangyang-MNRAS(2014).pdf(info)
 30 Emission Lines properties of the radio-loud QSO: LAMOST J1131+3114 Shi Zhixin, Luo Ali, Georges Comte, et al.  A&A  564  A89  2014 Shizhixin-AA(2014).pdf(info)
 31 On the Construction of New Stellar Classification Templates Library for LAMOST Spectra Analysis Pipeline Wei Peng, Luo Ali, Wang Fengfei et al.  AJ  147  101  2014 Weipeng-AJ(2014).pdf(info)
 32 ON THE METALLICITIES OF KEPLER STARS Subo Dong, Zheng Zheng, Zhaohuan Zhu, et al.  ApJL  789  L3  2014 Dongsubo-ApJL(2014).pdf(info)
 33 A Search for Double-peaked narrow emission line Galaxies and AGNs in the LAMOST DR1  Zhi-Xin Shi, A-li Luo, G. Comte et al.  RAA  14  1234  2014  Shizhixin-RAA(2014).pdf(info)
 34 THE FIRST HYPERVELOCITY STAR FROM THE LAMOST SURVEY  Zheng Zheng, Heidi Jo Newberg, Timothy C. Beers et al.  ApJL  785  L23  2014 Zhengzheng-ApJL(2014).pdf(info)
 35 THE BINARITY OF MILKY WAY F,G,K STARS AS A FUNCTION OF EFFECTIVE TEMPERATURE AND METALLICITY Gao Shuang, Liu Chao, Zhang Xiaobin, et al.  ApJL  788  L37  2014 Gaoshuang-ApJL(2014).pdf(info)
 36 The Nearest High-Velocity Stars Revealed by LAMOST Data Release 1  Jing Zhong, Li Chen,Chao Liu, et al.  ApJL  789  2Z  2014 Zhongjing-APJL(2014).pdf(info)
 37 Three Moving Groups Detected in the LAMOST DR1 Archive  J.K. Zhao, G. Zhao, Y. Q. Chen,  et al.  ApJ  787  31  2014 Zhaojingkun-ApJ(2014).pdf(info)
 38 The K giant stars from LAMOST survey data I: identification ,metallicity, and distance Chao Liu, Li-Cai Deng, Jeffery, L. Carlin,et al. ApJ  790  110  2014  Liuchao-APJ(2014).pdf(info)
 39  White dwarf-main sequence binaries from LAMOST:the DR1 catalogue  J. Ren, A. Luo, A. Rebassa-Mansergas,  et al.  A&A  570  107  2014  Renjuanjuan-AA(2014).pdf(info)
 40  Fixing the Reference Frame for PPMXL Proper Motions Using Extragalactic Sources  Kathleen Grabowski, Jerey L. Carlin, Heidi Jo Newberg,et al.  RAA  15  849  2015  Kathleen-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
41   Kinematics and Activity of M dwarfs in LAMOST DR1 Yi zhenping, Luo ali, Zhao Jingkun, et al.  RAA  15  860  2015  Yizhenping-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 42 The velocity distribution in the solar neighborhood from the LAMOST pilot survey  Qiran Xia, Chao Liu, Yan Xu, et al.  MNRAS  447  2367  2015  Xiaqiran-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)
 43 Relative Flux Calibration of the LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anti-center   M.S. Xiang, X.W. Liu, H. B. Yuan, et al.&nbsp  MNRAS  448  90  2015  Xiangmaosheng-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)
 44  Spectroscopic analysis of metal-poor stars from LAMOST: early results Hai-Ning Li, Gang Zhao,Norbert Christlieb, et al.  ApJ  798  110  2015 Lihaining-ApJ(2015).pdf(info)
 45  The LAMOST Stellar Parameter Pipeline at Peking University —LSP3  M. S. Xiang, X. W. Liu, H. B. Yuan, et al.  MNRAS  448  822  2015  MNRAS-2015-Xiang-822-54.pdf(info)
 46 LAMOST Spctroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anti-center (LSS-GAC): target selection and the first data release of value-added catalogs  H. B. Yuan ,X. W. Liu, Z. Y. Huo, et al.  MNRAS  448  855  2015 Yuanhaibo-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)
 47 STELLAR LOCI. III. PHOTOMETRIC METALLICITIES FOR HALF MILLION FGK STARS OF STRIPE 82 Haibo Yuan, Xiaowei Liu, Mao-Sheng Xiang,  et al.  ApJ  803  13  2015  Yuanhaibo-ApJ(2015).pdf(info)
 48 The Newly Discovery of 65 Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area at Southern Galactic Cap  Man I Lam, Hong Wu, Ming Yang et al.  RAA  15 1424   2015  Man Lam-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 49 Determination of the Local Standard of Rest using the LSS-GAC DR1  Y. Huang, X.-W. Liu, H.-B. Yuan,et al.   MNRAS  450  743  2015 Huangyang-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)
 50 A Large Sample of Am Candidates from LAMOST Data Release 1 Wen Hou, Ali Luo, Haifeng Yang , et al.  MNRAS  449 1401  2015  Houwen-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)
 51 Identifying Carbon stars from the pilot survey with the efficient manifold ranking algorithm   Jian-Min Si , Yin-Bi Li , A-Li Luo , et al.    RAA  15  1671  2015  Sijianmin-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 52 DA white dwarfs from the LSS-GAC survey DR1:the preliminary luminosity and mass functions and formation rate A. Rebassa-Mansergas, X.-W. Liu,R. Cojocaru, et al. 
  MNRAS  450 743  2015 Rebassa-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)
 53  The first data release (DR1) of the LAMOST regular survey A-Li Luo , Yong-Heng Zhao , Gang Zhao , et al.   RAA  15  1095  2015  Luoali-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 54 Asteroseismic based estimation of the surface gravity for the LAMOST giant stars Chao Liu, Min Fang, Yue Wu, et al.    ApJ  807  4  2015 Liuchao-ApJ(2015) .pdf(info)
 56  19 Low mass hyper-velocity star candidates from the first data release of LAMOST survey Yin-bi Li, A-Li Luo, Gang Zhao, et al.    RAA  15 1364   2015  Liyinbi-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 57  Red Clump Stars from the LAMOST data I: identification and distance  Junchen Wan, Chao Liu, Licai Deng, et al  RAA  15  1166  2015 Wanjunchen-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 58  Spectral classification of stars based on LAMOST spectra  Chao Liu, Wen-Yuan Cui, Bo Zhang ,et al;   RAA  15  1137  2015  Liuchao-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 59  The first sample of local E+A galaxies in LAMOST Data Released 2 Haifeng Yang, Ali Luo, Xiaoyan Chen, et al.  RAA  15  1414  2015 Yanghaifeng-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 60  The M-type star candidates identified in the LAMOST data release 1 Jing Zhong, S´ebastien L´epine, Jing Li, et al.  RAA  15  1154  2015  Zhongjing-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 61  CaII H&K EMISSION DISTRIBUTION OF 120,000 F, G AND K STARS IN LAMOST DR1 Jing-kun Zhao, T. D. Oswalt, Yu-Qin Chen,et al.  RAA  15 1282   2015 Zhaojingkun-RAA(2015)-1.pdf(info)
 62 Halo Stream candidates in the LAMOST DR2 Jing-kun Zhao, Gang-Zhao, Yu-Qin Chen, et al.  RAA  15  1378  2015  Zhaojingkun-RAA(2015)-2.pdf(info)
The Comparison of Stellar Parameters between LAMOST and APOGEE databases  Y.Q. Chen, G. Zhao, C. Liu, et al.  RAA  15  1125  2015 Chenyuqin-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 The LAMOST Survey of Background Quasars in the Vicinity Fields of the M31 and M33 – III. Results from the 2013 Regular Survey  Zhi-Ying Huo, Xiao-Wei Liu, Mao-Sheng Xiang,et al.  RAA  15 1438   2015  Huozhiyhing-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 M Dwarf Catalog of LAMOST Regular Survey Data Release One  Yan-Xin Guo, Zhen-Ping Yi, A-Li Luo, et al.  RAA  15  1182 2015  Guoyanxin-RAA(2015).pdf(info)




The evolution of stellar metallicity gradients of the Milky Way ;disk from LSS-GAC; main sequence turn-off stars; M.S. Xiang, X. W. Liu, et al.  RAA  15  1209  2015  Xiangmaosheng-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 Galactic Disk Bulk Motions as Revealed by the LSS-GAC DR2  Ning-Chen Sun, Xiao-Wei Liu, Yang Huang, et al.   RAA  15  1342  2015  Sunningcheng-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
The first symbiotic stars from the LAMOST survey   Jiao Li, Joanna Mikołajewska, Xue-Fei Chen, et al.  RAA  15  1332  2015 Lijiao-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 The LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of Globular Clusters in M 31 and M 33. I. Catalog and new identifications    B.-Q. Chen, X.-W. Liu, M.-S. Xiang, et al.  RAA  15  1392  2015 Chenbingqiu-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
  Candidate members of star clusters from LAMOST DR2  Bo Zhang, Xiao-Yan Chen, Chao Liu, et al.  RAA  15  1197  2015   Zhangbo-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
  Searching for classical Be stars in LAMOST DR1   Chen-Cheng Lin, Jinliang Hou, Li Chen, et al.  RAA  15  1325  2015   Lichencheng-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 On the metallicity gradients of the Galactic disk as revealed by LSS-GAC red clump stars  Yang Huang, Xiao-Wei Liu, Hua-Wei Zhang, et al.  RAA  15  1240  2015   Huangyang-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
A Search for Mg-Poor Stars from the LAMOST Survey Data  Qian-fan Xing and Gang Zhao  RAA  15  1275  2015   Xingqianfan-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 Discovery of a strongly r-process enhanced extremely metal-poor star LAMOST J110901.22+075441.8  Hai-Ning Li , Wako Aoki, Satoshi Honda, et al.  RAA  15  1264  2015   Lihaining-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
The Stellar Kinematics in the Solar Neighborhood from LAMOST Data  Hai-Jun Tian, Chao Liu,  et al.  ApJ  809 145   2015  Tianhaijun-ApJ(2015).pdf(info)


 LAMOST OBSERVATIONS IN THE Kepler FIELD. I. DATABASE OF LOW-RESOLUTION SPECTRA  P. De Cat,J.N. Fu, A.B. Ren, X.H. Yang,et al  ApJS  220  19(1-18)  2015  DeCat2015-ApJS(2015).pdf(info)
A Practical Deconvolutio Computation Algorithm to Extract 1D Spectra from 2D Images of Optical Fiber Spetroscopy   Li Guangwei, Zhang Haotong, Bai Zhongrui   PASP  127  552  2015  Liguangwei-PASP(2015).pdf(info)


Acomprehensive study of the the open cluster NGC 6866  Z. F. Bostanci, T. AK, T. Yontan, Sl Bilir et al.  MNRAS  453  1095  2015 Bostanci-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)


An indepentent test of the photometrci selection of white dward candidiates using LAMOST DR3

 N. P. Gentile Fusillo, A. Rebassa-Mansergas, B. T. Gansicke,et al.

 MNRAS  452  765 2015 Gentile-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)


 Preface: The LAMOST Galactic surveys and early results Liu XiaoWei, Zhao G, Hou JL  RAA  15  1089  2015  Liuxiaowei-RAA(2015).pdf(info)


 Estimating stellar atmospheric parameters based on LASSO and support-vector regression Xiangru Li  MNRAS  452  1394  2015  Lixiangru-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)


  Optical turbulence characterization at LAMOST site: observations and models  Liu, LY, Giordano, C,Yao, YQ, et al; MNRAS 451 3299 2015 Liuliyong-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)


Validation of LAMOST Stellar Parameters with the PASTEL Catalog

Hua Gao, Hua-Wei Zhang, Mao-Sheng Xiang, et al.  RAA  15  2204  2015  Gaohua-RAA(2015).pdf(info)


White dwarfs identified in LAMOST DR2 Jincheng Guo, Jinkun Zhao, Anestis Tziamtzis, et al.  MNRAS  454  2787-2797   2015  GuoJincheng-MNRAS(2015).pdf(info)


 APPLICATION OF THE SEGUE STELLAR PARAMETER PIPELINE TO STELLAR SPECTRA  Lee Young Sun, Beers Timothy C., Carlin Jeffrey L,et al.  AJ  150  1-18  2015  Lee-AJ(2015).pdf(info)


 High-resolution spectroscopic studies of ultra metal-poor stars found in the LAMOST survey Li Haining, Aoki Wako, Zhao  Gan, et al.  PASJ  67  84(1-12)  2015  Lihaining-PASJ(2015).pdf(info)


NEWLY DISCOVERED ALPHA-POOR STARS IN THE SOLAR NEIGHBORHOOD Xing, Q. F.; Zhao, G.  ApJ  805  146(1-6)  2015  Xingqianfan-APJ(2015).pdf(info)
A sample galaxy pairs identified from the LAMOST spectral survey  and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey  Shiyin Shen, M;Argudo-Femandez, Li Chen,et al.   RAA  16  43  2016   Shenshiyin-RAA(2015).pdf(info)
 On the LSP3 estimates of surface gravity for LAMOST- Kepler stars with asteroseismic measurements  Juan-Juan Ren, Xiao-Wei Liu, Mao-Sheng Xiang,et al.  RAA  16  45  2016   Renjuanjuan-RAA(2015).pdf(info)


FGK 22 μm Excess Stars in LAMOST DR2 Stellar Catalog Chao-Jian Wu, Hong Wu, Kang Liu, et al.  RAA  16  102(1)-(6)  2016  Wuchaojian-RAA(2016).pdf(info)




The Large Sky Area Multi-object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope Quasar Survey: Quasar Properties from the First Data Release Y.L.Ai, Xue-Bing Wu,Jinyi Yang, et.al AJ   151  1-24  2016  Aiyanli-AJ(2016).pdf(info)


Selecting M Giants with Infrared Photometry: Distances, Metallicities, and the Sagittarius Stream Jing Li, Martin C.Smith, Jing Zhong, et al.  ApJ  823  1-14  2016  Lijing-ApJ(2016).pdf(info)


 A method of measuring [α/Fe] ratios from the spectra of LAMOST survey Ji Li, Chen Han, Mao-Shen Xiang, Jian-Rong Shi, et al.  RAA  16  110(1)-(14)  2016  Liji-RAA(2016).pdf(info)


 New tidal debris nearby the Sagittarius leading tail from the LAMOST DR2 M giant stars Jing Li, Chao Liu, Jeffrey L. Carlin,et al.   RAA  16  125(1)-(10)  2016  Lijing-RAA(2016).pdf(info)


 Determine the local dark matter density with LAMOST data Qiran Xia, Chao Liu, Shude Mao, et al.  MNRAS  458  3839-3850   2016  Xiaqiran-MNRAS(2016).pdf(info)


 Nearby M Subdwarfs from LAMOST Data Realease 2  Y. Bai, A.L.,Luo, G., Comte, et al.  RAA  16  107(1)-(14)  2016  Baiyu-RAA(2016).pdf(info)


 Spectral analysis of early–type H emission stars from the second data release(DR2) of the LAMOST Wen Hou, ALi Luo, Haifeng Yang,et al.  RAA 16   138 2016   Houwen-RAA(2016).pdf(info)


Measure the distance and extinction for stars in LAMOST survey with Bayesian method Jianling Wang , Jianrong Shi , Yongheng Zhao, et al.  MNRAS  456  672  2016  Wangjianling-MNRAS(2016).pdf(info)


Characterizing the SHARDS of Disrupted Milky Way Satellites with LAMOST JEFFREY L. CARLIN , CHAO LIU , HEIDI JO NEWBERG, LICAI DENG, ET AL  ApJ  822  1-16  2016  Carlin-ApJ(2016).pdf(info)


A systematic search for the spectra with features of crystalline silicates in the Spitzer IRS Enhanced Products Rui Chen, Ali Luo,Jianming Liu,Biwei Jiang.  AJ  151 146 2016  Chenrui-AJ(2016).pdf(info)


An Efficient Method for Rare Spectra Retrieval in Astronomical Darabases Changde Du,Ali Luo,Haifeng Yang, etal  PASP  128  961  2016  Duchangde-PASP(2016).pdf(info)


CALIBRATION OF LAMOST STELLAR SURFACE GRAVITIES USING THE KEPLER ASTEROSEISMIC DATA Liang Wang, Wei Wang, Yue Wu, et al.  AJ  152  1-6  2016  Wangliang-AJ(2016).pdf(info)




Lamost observations in the Kepler Field. Analysis of the stellar parameters measured with the lasp based on the low-resolution spectral Anbing Ren, Jianning Fu, Peter De Cat, et al.  ApJS 225  28   2016  Ren Anbin-ApJs(2016).pdf(info)


 Carbon star candidates identified from LAMOST DR2 Wei Ji,Wenyuan Cui , Chao Liu , et al.  ApJS 226  1-9   2016  CARBON STARS FROM LAMOST DR2 DATA.pdf(info)


Exoplanet Orbital Eccentricities Derived From LAMOST-Kepler Analysis Ji-Wei Xie, Subo Dong, Zhaohuan Zhu, et al.   PNAS 1604692113   1-5  2016  Xiejiwei-PNAS(2016).pdf(info)


LAMOST 1: A DISRUPTED SATELLITE IN THE CONSTELLATION DRACO John J. Vickers , Martin C. Smith , Yonghui Hou , et al.  ApJL  816  L2  2016 Vickers-ApJL(2016).pdf(info)


Hot Subdwarf Stars Observed in LAMOST DR1 - Atmospheric Parameters from Single-Lined Spectra

Yangping LuoPeter NemethChao Liuet al.

ApJ 818 1-13 2016 Luoyangping-ApJ(2016).pdf(info)


Observational evidence for enhanced magnetic activity of Superflare stars  Christoffer Karoff, Mads Faurschou Knudsen, Peter de Cat, et al. Nature Communications   7  11058  2016  Christoffer-NatureComm(2016).pdf(info)


Chromospheric activity properties and search for subdwarfs and extreme subdwarfs based on LAMOST stellar spectral survey Zhang Liyun; Pi Qingfeng; Han Xianming L.et al.  New Astronomy  44  66-77  2016  Zhangliyun-NewAstronomy(2016).pdf(info)


OBSERVATIONS IN THE KEPLER FIELD: SPECTRAL CLASSIFICATION WITH THE MKCLASS CODE Gray R. O., Corbally C. J, De Cat P.,et al.  AJ  151  13(1)-(6)  2016  Gray-AJ(2016).pdf(info)


 Spectral identification of the u-band variable sources in two LAMOST fields  Cao TianWen, Yang Ming,Wu hong, et al.  Ap&SS  361   1-13  2016 Cao Tianwen-ApSS(2016).pdf(info)


The LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of Star Clusters in M31. II. Metallicities, Ages, and Masses Chen Bingqiu, Liu, Xiaowei, Xiang Maosheng, et al.  AJ  152  1-20  2016 Chenbingqiu-AJ(2016).pdf(info)


The MilkyWay’s rotation curve out to 100 kpc and its constraint on the Galactic mass distribution Y. Huang, X.-W. Liu, H.-B. Yuan, et al.  MNRAS  463  2623  2016 Huang Yang-MNRAS(2016).pdf(info)


Kinematics of the Galactic disk from LAMOST Dwarf sample Yingjie Jing, Cuihua Du, Jiayin Gu, et al.  MNRAS  463  3390-3397  2016  Jing Yingjie-MNRAS(2016).pdf(info)


Stellar activity with LAMOST – I. Spot configuration in Pleiades  Fang, Xiang-Song; Zhao, Gang; et al.          MNRAS       463  2494-    2512   2016  Stellar activity with LAMOST – I. Spot configuration in Pleiades.pdf(info)


New Halo Stars of the Galactic Globular Clusters M3 and M13 in the LAMOST DR1 Catalog  Navin, Colin A.; Martell, Sarah L.; Zucker, Daniel B.
           ApJ 829  123  2016  New Halo Stars of M3 and M13 in the LAMOST DR1.pdf(info)


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