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The first year observation mission of the LAMOST regular survey launched on September 28, 2012, and have been already successfully accomplished on Jule15,2013 under the joint effort of entire staffs of the center for operation and development of Guoshoujing telescope. Totally, over 1.2 million spectra with signal to noise larger than 10 of 689 sky area are obtained during the past year, which sufficiently demonstrate the advantage of LAMOST in spectra accessing. The data set of LAMOST data release one (DR1), including spectra of the pilot survey and spectra of the first year of the regular spectroscopic survey, have already published to domestic data users and foreign partners. The DR1 totally contains 2,204,860 spectra, including 717,660 spectra of pilot survey and 1,487,200 spectra of regular survey. In addition, we calculate the atmospheric parameters of 1,085,404 stars, which becomes the largest stellar spectral parameters catalog in the world at present.