Value Added catalogs

Title Description Bibcode Catalog refs
The value-added catalogue for LAMOST DR8 low-resolution spectra We present a value-added catalog containing stellar parameters estimated from 7.10 million low- resolution spectra for 5.16 million unique stars with SNRs higher than 10 obtained by the LAMOST Galactic spectroscopic surveys. The catalog presents values of stellar atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g, [Fe/H]/[M/H]), [α/M], [C/Fe] and [N/Fe] and 14 bands’ absolute magnitudes deduced from LAMOST spectra using the method of neural network. The spectro-photometric distance are also provided. The catalog provide 26,868 unique very metal poor star candidates ([Fe/H] ≤ −2.0).   Download Chun Wang, Yang Huang, Haibo Yuan, et al., ApJS, 2022, accepted, arxiv2201.09442
A spatially dependent correction of Gaia EDR3 parallax zero-point offset based on 0.3 million LAMOST DR8 giant stars A spatially dependent parallax zero-point correction model for Gaia EDR3 five-parameter solution in the LAMOST footprint is firstly provided with the advantage of huge number of stars in our giant sample.   Download Chun Wang, Yang Huang, Haibo Yuan, et al., AJ, 2022, accepted, arxiv2201.09438