Value Added catalogs

Title Description Bibcode Catalog refs
The value-added catalogue for LAMOST DR8 low-resolution spectra We present a value-added catalog containing stellar parameters estimated from 7.10 million low- resolution spectra for 5.16 million unique stars with SNRs higher than 10 obtained by the LAMOST Galactic spectroscopic surveys. The catalog presents values of stellar atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g, [Fe/H]/[M/H]), [α/M], [C/Fe] and [N/Fe] and 14 bands’ absolute magnitudes deduced from LAMOST spectra using the method of neural network. The spectro-photometric distance are also provided. The catalog provide 26,868 unique very metal poor star candidates ([Fe/H] ≤ −2.0). 2022ApJS..259...51 Download Chun Wang, Yang Huang, Haibo Yuan, et al., ApJS, 2022, 259, 51
A spatially dependent correction of Gaia EDR3 parallax zero-point offset based on 0.3 million LAMOST DR8 giant stars A spatially dependent parallax zero-point correction model for Gaia EDR3 five-parameter solution in the LAMOST footprint is firstly provided with the advantage of huge number of stars in our giant sample. 2022AJ....163..149W Download Chun Wang, Yang Huang, Haibo Yuan, et al., AJ, 2022, 163, 149W
The stellar parameters and elemental abundances from low-resolution spectra I: 1.2 million giants from LAMOST DR8 Based on the data from LAMOST DR8, we derived stellar parameters (Teff, log g, [M/H], [α/M]) and 10 individual elemental abundances (C, N, O, Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Mn, Fe, Ni) for 1.2 million spectra corresponding to one million unique giants and sub-giants. 2022MNRAS.517.4875L Download Zhuohan Li, Gang Zhao, Yuqin Chen, et al., MNRAS, 2022, 517, 4875L
Precise Masses, Ages of ∼1.0 million RGB and RC stars observed by the LAMOST A catalogue of stellar masses and ages for 696,680 red giant branch (RGB) stars, 180,436 primary red clump (RC) stars, and 120,907 secondary RC stars selected from the LAMOST DR8. The RGBs, primary RCs, and secondary RCs are firstly identified with the large frequency spacing and period spacing. The purity and completeness of both RGB and RC samples are better than 95% and 90%, respectively. The typical uncertainties of stellar mass and age are, respectively, 10% and 30% for the RGB stellar sample. For RCs, the typical uncertainties of stellar mass and age are 9% and 24%, respectively. 2023A&A...675A..26W Download Chun Wang,Yang Huang,Yutao Zhou et al., A&A, 2023, 675A, 26W
A Catalog of Distance Determinations for the LAMOST DR8 K Giants in the Galactic Halo We present a catalog of distances for 19,544 K giants drawn from LAMOST DR8. The typical distance precision is about 11%. The stars in the catalog lie in a region of 4-126 kpc from the Galactic center, of which with 6320 stars beyond 20 kpc and 273 stars beyond 50 kpc, forming the largest spectroscopic sample of distant tracers in the Milky Way halo so far. 2023AJ....165..224Z Download Lan Zhang, Xiang-Xiang Xue, Chengqun Yang, et al., AJ, 2023, 165, 224Z